Bunmi Babatunde
Born 1st of March 1957, Bunmis talent became noticeable while in Primary Five. A photographer took a poor shot of a portrait, which Bunmis stepmother angrily threw away. The right arm of the character was totally removed from the picture despite the white wide margin around the borders. Bunmi picked up the picture and added the lost arm in a sketch to the excitement of all. The woman then decided to keep the picture. Bunmi has since taken the path of art, graduating with HND, Sculpture from Yaba College of Technology in 1983. He worked briefly at the Department of Culture where he produced the bust of the then Director of Culture, Dr. Garba Asiwaju. He became a full time studio artist in 1984 and was party to the founding of the Universal Studios of Art. He is incumbent Chairman, Executive Committee of the Studios. A devout Christian, he is married with lovely Children.